Project Management Advisory

Utilizing our vast pool of knowledge in complex program delivery experience, we offer our esteemed clients a spectrum of core advisory services that can help in the successful delivery of your projects in terms of time and cost.

Elite Analytics uses the power of integrated systems to bring your project processes together and direct the flow of information into providing a clear picture of the project status and assisting you in making the right decision.
Elite Analytics is a result-driven consulting firm that focuses on problem-solving. Our expertise covers all aspects of project management from initiation to close out.
Elite Analytics excels in all aspects of project management, including time management, cost management, risk management, stakeholder management, contracts management, and change management.

Our Core Advisory Services:

Schedule Management

Our involvement in the project's schedule commences as early as the project's initiation and continues through all project stages.

• Pre-construction stage – Managing the delivery of the engineering, CAPEX estimate, procurement& tendering and execution schedule.

• Execution Stage- Managing the baseline schedule development, progress monitoring, and schedule updates.

• Close out Stage – Schedule’s focus diverts to project systems completion and closeout requirements.

Elite Analytics understands planning as the process of identifying all elements required for the successful delivery of the project; this includes a full understanding of the scope, a proper breakdown of work packages, well-studied interfaces, and adequate sequencing of the project scope. Elite Analytics can employ various tools to create work schedules, including the Critical Path Method (CPM) and Earned Value Management (EVM). Elite Analytics focuses into integrating the schedule to other project systems and processes through creating Integrated Performance Management System (IPMS), where schedule, cost, procurement, document control, billing, and contracts are coordinated together. Elite Analytics can also incorporate its Building Information Modelling (BIM) expertise to simulate the project schedule using 4D modelling.

Our Core Advisory Services:

  • Scope realization – Covers the entire scope of work and senses scope shifts.
  • Proper sequencing – Sequencing based on the execution plan.
  • Productivity consideration – Durations concerning the estimated productivities.
  • Interfaces management – Handles external interfaces and coordinates between different trades.
  • Resource Management - Proper allocation of resources.
  • Integration with cost – Linking payments and schedule updates.
  • KPIs – Monitor the key performance indicators to ensure and meet clients' demands.
  • Progress monitoring - Evaluates advancements even without the Gant chart.

Progress Monitoring

Elite Analytics takes an integrated approach to progress monitoring; this approach focuses on integrating project systems to generate the project KPIs to sense the project’s status, including schedule time status, cost indicators, productivity, and critical milestone deliveries. This can only be effective when we integrate schedule, cost, payment, and procurement in one system (IPMS), where indicators sourced from either one of them would provide the same conclusions, which can feed into the decision making process. Elite Analytics would undertake a dynamic and automated approach in creating the progress reports and dashboards showing the project status/KPIs to save time and provide the reports in a timely fashion, which would give the required time for the project team to understand and act on the project’s most stressing needs. Elite Analytics would create processes for collecting progress from the site; these processes would support the efficiency of the people and avoid disrupting the execution team from undertaking their duties. Elite Analytics would undertake site visits and effectively communicate with the project team to properly understand the project status, critical issues impacting progress, and major achievements. This would allow Elite Analytics to conclude, report and recommend the actions required to keep the project on track.

Here's How Elite Analytics Do Progress Management:

  • We use a customized and dynamic Progress Measurement System that's easy to update.
  • Identify the weekly/monthly production requirements.
  • Develop weekly/monthly reports based on contract requirements.
  • Resources and productivity monitoring.

Cost Management

Without proper planning, projects are exposed to overrun, uncertainty, and unnecessary change orders, endangering the project's financial stability. However, Elite Analytics comes in handy in enhancing a project's financial condition.
Our well-versed cost specialists utilize data to assist clients in projecting accurate cost estimates, making it easier for them to update financial projects with almost no hassle.

Contracts Management

The Elite Analytics approach in contracts management is divided into two major aspects:

  • Processes embedded in the contract- Elite Analytics would convert the contract clauses into processes and flow charts to assist the project team in executing the project effectively and by the contract requirements
  • Contract requirements: Elite Analytics would summarize the contract requirements by converting the contract into a database. Elite analytics would identify certain attributes for each clause. Elite Analytics would organize this database per subject or issue which will assist in getting all contract clauses required to manage a certain issue on the project, or answer a certain question, or list the requirements for a certain scope.
This would assist the project team in efficiently administering the contract and simplify the contract administration process.
Elite Analytics would focus on managing each contracting process and assist the team in complying with the contract requirements.

Elite Analytics focuses on integrating the contract processes with other project divisions, like coordinating the payment system with the schedule by coordinating the cost breakdown structure with the schedule’s work breakdown structure.

Here's How Elite Analytics Carry Out Contracts Management:

Risk Management

Greater foresight, lesser setbacks. You can spot, avoid, limit, and mitigate the risk of costly delays and disruptions before or during project execution using Elite Analytics' high-standard risk management services.

Our professionals understand the ever-changing engineering and construction industries and draw upon decades of experience to provide affordable solutions that work best. We'll be with you during the construction phase, help you make sound decisions, and keep the entire project flow smoothly.

Here's How We Do Risk Management:

Construction Management

Construction projects require top consulting services due to their complexity. Elite Analytics is the top and the only name you should look for. Our construction specialists have the expertise, skills, and experience you require to succeed throughout every construction project.

Our construction management experts offer the best consulting services in the industry. We can anticipate, recognize and identify the frequent disruptions that project managers, owners, and contractors face. In addition to the technical know-how and expertise to offer you unmatched consulting services, we offer professional leadership and attention to detail to ensure the success of your project.

Here's How Elite Analytics Does Construction Management:

Progress Photography

Contractors, brokers, construction companies, and property owners can benefit from scheduling progress photos on their construction projects. Before even breaking ground, you can obtain detailed aerial photographs of your prospective construction site. The images are used for planning and logistics, along with a time-lapse film of a series of aerial photos for your team to review for posting on the website/social media.

Here's How We Do Progress Photography:

  • Keep a well-organized record of job site activities from design to finish.
  • Travel through time, compare several time intervals, and plan against the actual.
  • Enhance communication among project team members and between the field and the office.
  • Integration with Procore, Autodesk 360, Revit, Navisworks, and Bluebeam.
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