Claim Management

It seems challenging to avoid the uncertainty and problems surrounding the construction industry, especially the resultant disputes between contracting parties. Managing such issues in a fair and balanced manner requires a combination of competencies to unriddle its complexity and provide a meaningful explanation of what happened, why it happened this way, and who was responsible. Elite Analytics is a full-service construction consultancy firm that acquires the required competencies to assist in resolving construction disputes. Elite Analytics’ expertise in project management, project controls, cost management, construction methodologies, and contract administration works together to fully understand the variables that affected your project and define how it affected it and the resultant time and cost impacts. Elite Analytics' dispute-resolution practice includes advancing and defending claims for contractors, subcontractors and owners. Elite analytics provides cost-effective services using AI and big data tools to collect and analyze data.

Key Features:

  • Reviewing, assessing, and defending claims from the opposing party.
  • Assessing project delays and preparing expert delay reports.
  • Evaluating Loss of Productivity claims.
  • Evaluating time-related cost damages.
  • Analyzing project data in a cost-effective manner using AI and Big Data tools.

Our Core Claim Management Services:

Elite Analytics excels in utilizing a spectrum of methods and tools in assessing schedule delays and associated delay costs and resolving construction disputes in a cost-effective, traceable, and persuasive manner. Our services are tailored to be results-driven by utilizing the best industry practices and methods that suit the type and quality of information available, the nature of the dispute, the project stage, and your obligations under the contract.

Our team of talented individuals at Elite Analytics have hands-on expertise in determining the delay root cause and the impacts of these delays. Elite Analytics offers custom-tailored solutions based on the nature of the claim, the expected results, the dispute resolution type, and the quality of the as-built information available.

Delay Claims Management:

Elite Analytics offers to manage your disputes and claims while the project is ongoing; this includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

• Design and agree with the contracting parties on the claims management processes per the contract
• Trace the project time schedule and identify critical delays, and highlight these delays to the project teams
• Check the impact of any ongoing delay using Time Impact Analysis
• Coordinate with the construction team any available mitigation measures as mandated by the contract
• Assist in drafting contractual required notification letters
• Record keeping
• Register and track critical delaying events, and trace the chronology of events till closure
• Assist in mitigating the impact of the delay by coordinating with all involved parties the required steps to close this event
• Trace and monitor labour productivity and investigate the causes of any LofP
• Preparation of delay claims

Delay Analysis and Reports:

Elite analytics offers to investigate construction disputes to either advance or defend claims and present its analysis and conclusions through expert reports. Elite Analytics can also provide expert witness services as required. This service includes delay claims associated with time-related additional costs and Loss of Productivity ( Disruption).

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