BIM Information Management

The construction Industry is one of the most slowest industries in terms of adapting to technology. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is proven to be an effective tool to digitize the construction processes including design coordination ( 3D), scheduling ( 4D), and cost management (5D).

BIM forms an opportunity to face and solve construction’s most asserting issues like design optimization, change control, constructability, logistics, construction delays and cost overruns.

Elite Analytics provides comprehensive solutions for managing the development of your BIM project for any building type across design, operation, construction, closeout and operation phases.

Our BIM management services have your back with an all-disciplinary staff of certified BIM experts who lend hands at each stage of your BIM transformation.

Our Goal: To empower you and breathe new life into your building lifecycle by integrating the testing and optimization of the construction and operation aspects right from the design phase.

Key Features:

  • Digitization of offline or partially-online operations.
  • Benefit from the latest industry knowledge.
  • Integration of cutting-edge technologies within our roadmap and, through a Build-Operate-Transfer process, empower you to advance from 3D BIM to 7D BIM almost effortlessly.
  • Stay informed by creating an exhaustive plan to acclimate.
  • Narrow the gaps in your operations and support your business scaling up by implementing the proper methods, processes, and tools.
  • Provide innovative strategies that fit perfectly and help you create the most successful all-inclusive BIM Consulting advantage for your company.
  • BIM and beyond Virtual Design and Construction Technologies.
  • Pave the path to success by appropriately utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and unique innovation, thanks to the industry knowledge of BIM thought leaders.

Our Core BIM Management Services:

  • Digital Transformation.
  • Purpose, evaluation and feasibility study to find the right approach to BIM.
  • Devising distinctive BIM strategies for complicated projects.
  • Make use of BIM automation and analytics solutions
  • Follows up on the growth and development of the implementation of EIR and Digital Construction Strategy.
  • Handling time, managing resources, and manipulating costs with BIM turnaround procedures.
  • Compose thorough proposals for strategic reporting to clients and officials.

Why Should You Choose Elite Analytics?

  • We adhere to ISO 19650, PAS, IFC, COBie standards, and design formats.
  • Highly skilled consultants, having vast knowledge of the construction industry.
  • BIM process development, adoption, and monitoring of construction projects.
  • Capability to bring industry 4.0 to construction projects and organizations, including Blockchain, IoT, Cloud computing, etc.
  • Extremely well-versed in delivering BIM services for more than 20 years.
  • Provides top-notch services in outsourcing BIM solutions to construction firms.
  • Time-effective and cost-efficient customer-centric solutions.
  • We automate repetitive tasks to boost the efficiency and efficacy of overall project outcomes.
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